Local golfers lend hand at Wichita Open

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Kevin McKee has been around the course at crestview a time or two.

"I've grown up playing here, so I've played here for 20 years," McKee said.

But this year he's taking his knowledge of the course and passing it on to a visiting pro.

I definitely feel like I added some value in telling him where we could miss and be ok," said McKee. "Not know that these trees are jail and not knowing that you're gonna leave yourself in one patch of bermuda rough, that's horrible, is really good."

The tournament lending caddies to players is nothing new to the Wichita Open, they've done so since the early days of the event, but it's just another way the tournament offers local golfers a way to get involved with the game at the highest level.

"We have a lot of 20 to 30 year old guys that go out on the munies on the weekend and just kinda wonder what it would be like on the ropes they're pretty good golfers," tournament media coordinator Jay Delling said.  "They know the game, they know the golf course, and so they can help the players out a little from that perspective."

Mckee's dream is to do more than just lug the clubs at the Wichita Open, we might just see him swinging them at next years tournament.

"Certainly playing at the pro level gives me goosebumps to begin with," McKee added. "But playing in front of my fans, I probably know 50 percent of the people in these stands behind us. It'd just be a dream come true."

But for now, being a caddie is the first dream come true.

"I had the best seat in the house," McKee concluded. "And I get to watch three guys for two days just do what they do best and it's really an inspiration."