Haysville motorcycle crash leaves two people in critical condition

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Ronnie Kondo has lived in the same, quiet, Haysville neighborhood for nearly 8 years now and he said accidents like this one happen all the time.

“It’s a huge blind spot. If you’re speeding, there’s no time to react to anything,” Kondo said.

And that’s what happened Thursday, near S. Seneca and East Timber Creek St. The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office said a vehicle with two teens crashed into a motorcycle carrying two adults.

“It appears at least one of these two vehicles, the motorcycle or the car, has crossed over the centerline on this curve and the two vehicles collided,” Capt. Mark Pierce said.

Pierce believed the two people on the motorcycle were not wearing helmets.

“I’m not surprised that something like this was gonna happen. We’ve had numerous accidents back here. Vehicles lose control. It’s not uncommon to see a vehicle fly through this area at 40-50 miles an hour. The posted speed limit is 30 miles an hour,” Kondo said.

Kondo said people speed around the curve every day. He remembered another accident at the same spot just a few months earlier.

“We had a truck come in through the trees here. You can kind of see where it ended up going,” Kondo said.” 

Neighbors said because this is within Haysville city limits, but the road is Sedgwick County jurisdiction, it’s hard for police to control the speeding.

“It’s certainly something we will look into and see if there is an issue here,” Pierce said.

Kondo now hopes law enforcement will start paying more attention to the dangerous curve.

“It would be nice to see somebody out here monitoring, whether it be Haysville or Sedgwick County. It’s just unfortunate that something like this would happen,” Kondo said.

The Sheriff’s Office tells KAKE News the two juveniles in the vehicle are ok and were taken in for questioning. The two people on the motorcycle are still in very critical condition and were taken into surgery shortly after being transported to the hospital.

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