Wins For Kansas: Kechi Art Council

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KECHI, Kan. (KAKE) -

The Kechi Arts Council is on a mission to help restore the towns old theater. It's nearly a decade old and needs thousands in repairs and renovations.

Curtis Zerr said the council recognized the the playhouses value is beyond the century old building and claims what happens on the playhouses stage is priceless.

"It adds quality of life, the art that misty Maynard provides at the Kechi playhouse is bringing the quality of life not just to Kechi but all of Kansas," said Zerr.

Misty Maynard owns the building and she said over the years the building has fallen into disrepair. If they can raise enough money, they'll be able to qualify for grants to fix up the old building.

"I think it's important to have a playhouse everywhere just like you have a library in every city you need a theater in every city.  Because people need to express their creativity," said Maynard.