Collapsed bridge captures attention in Reno County

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On-lookers flocked to wild sight in rural Reno County of a collapsed bridge.

You need to zig zag on dirt roads to find it, but once you find it, you won't forget it.

“The north side of this road is McPherson County, the south side of this road is Reno County," says Reno County public works superintendent Don Brittain.

A tractor pulling a grain bin full of wheat sits half way on and half way off what’s left of a wooden bridge. Officials tell KAKE-TV the bridge was built sometime in the 1950's.

The accident took place late Tuesday night.

Officials added that person behind the wheel was way over capacity for the posted weight limits.

“We are talking 70 to 80 thousand pounds or more," says Brittain. 

"When you have loads like this and you’re going over wooden bridges you just have to choose a better route,” added Brittain.

Will a new bridge be built? That decision hasn't been made.

The farmer walked from the scene with his health but losing this load is no doubt a costly life lesson.

"The way that prices are for farmers ever bushel counts and he is definitely not going to be able to salvage all of it," said local resident Elaine Schmidt.  

The farmer will be cited for not obeying the posted weight limits.

Officials are still figuring out how they will remove the tractor and grain bin from the scene.

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