Thieves break into swimming pools looking for snacks, cash

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It started out as a regular day for the workers at Twin River Club, until they found the door of the concession stand kicked in.

"We weren't surprised. That was one of the reasons we had the video surveillance going. We experienced quite a few last summer,” TRC board member, Sky Hendricks said.

The new surveillance system caught the bandits in the act.

What appears to be two young teenagers, spend several minutes trying to figure out the best way to break-in.

It took them a couple of tries but the two thieves kicked open the door and stole change and concessions out of the snack bar.

It may seem like a petty crime, but the thieves stole everything of value in the snack bar and damaged the metal door.

"It's something every summer but it seems like it's just been worse the last few summers,” TRC board member, Christy Reaves said.

Twin River Club wasn't the only one to be hit this week.

The Wellington Family Aquatic Center was also recently targeted. This one even more thought out.

"They scaled the fence, got up to the roof, peeled some wood and sheet metal back and shimmied their way down into the rafters and dropped themselves into the concession area,” Wellington Superintendent of Recreation, Cody White said.

Before scaling the roof, the suspects tried a number of ways to get into the concessions stand, including breaking windows.

"Is it worth being in trouble down the road just for a little bit of fun,” White said.

The crooks caused thousands of dollars in damages, but like the Twin River Club break in, they only made off with snacks.

"Please grow up and be accountable for your behavior,” Hendricks said.

It doesn’t look like the two break-ins are connected but it you if you have information, you’re advised to contact either Wichita or Wellington Police.

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