'I think this is so wrong': local non-profit not renewing tenants' leases

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The Water Point Apartments in south Wichita are owned by the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas. MHA provides affordable housing for people with mental health issues and disabilities. It's been doing that at Water Point since 2013, but recently the property is being cut from the program. 

Carl Bogle and his neighbor Diana Maddox are just a handful of people who've called the Water Point Apartments home for several years. 

"I think this is so wrong. I think it's disrespectful and its abusive to people with our diagnosis," Bogle said.

Last week, MHA sent a letter to the Bogle and Maddox. It reads their leases aren't being renewed and they have roughly seven weeks to find a new place to live. 

"We're broke. We're on social security. We got disabilities, and we have no money to move," Bogle said.

We took their questions to the Mental Health Association's, Erik Litwiller. 

"We have given a total of six units a non-renewal notice," he said.

Litwiller says MHA has worked out a deal with another non-profit, called Open Door. This non-profit helps house the homeless. That deal includes pushing out the MHA residents so Open Door can give the units to their clients. 

"Obviously, the last thing we want is for anybody simply to be kicked out on the street and we have no reason to think that that will happen," Litwiller said.

But Bogle says that's exactly what's happening to him. He says he can't afford to relocate and that MHA hasn't offered to help him do so.

Litwiller stressed MHA will do all it can to keep these tenants off the streets. 

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