North Wichita pool decision deferred

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The Wichita City Council has deferred a decision on a new pool or aquatic facility in District one.

Councilmembers were slated to make a decision after approving $4 million for a new facility in north Wichita. Edgemoore and McAdams Park were two facilities being eyed to be re-opened, they were closed as part of an Aquatic Master Plan due to low attendance last year.

While some in attendance at Tuesday morning’s meeting supported an Edgemoore facility, a majority were in favor of McAdams Park.

Mayor Jeff Longwell wanted more information from city staff, a decision which brought heavy criticism from attendees.

Yes, this absolutely has everything to do with race. You don't see anyone from any other side of town outside of district one ever have to go in front of the city council have to beg and plead,” said Tye McEwen, with the Save McAdams Pool group. “It's disheartening to say the least. I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually very disappointed in our city council today, at least half of them."

Longwell strongly disagreed with the notion that the district was being ignored, citing recent development projects in the area.

It's shameful for people to say that we're not investing in that district, because every issue that comes before us, we here this is the tipping point to show your support,” he said. “We heard that with Dunbar, we heard that with Red Bud trail, we heard that with League 42, we hear that on every issue."

Other council members expressed concerns about such an expensive project with a limited time of operation each year.

No date was given when the issue will be revisited.