Dogs rescued from hot cars in separate incidents at Towne West Square

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Officer breaks window to rescue dog in hot car Officer breaks window to rescue dog in hot car

It was a scorching hot day and authorities spent it rescuing dogs in hot cars.

In two separate incidents, dogs were found in hot vehicles while their owners were inside the Towne West Square mall.

Shopper Jessica Ramsey is credited with saving one of the dogs' lives after it was determined it was locked in a car for at least one hour.

"I didn't even like sitting in my car waiting for police. At one point, I just got out of my car, turned it off because I felt guilty sitting in an air conditioned car with the poor puppy sitting with the windows rolled up," Ramsey said.

Wichita police showed up and tried paging the dog's owner inside the mall, but there was no response. The police officer broke the window.

Kansas law protects those saving kids, animals in hot cars

Sarah Coffman with Wichita Animal Action League, or WAAL, took the dog to the emergency vet.

"When we showed up she had a temperature of close to 104 degrees," Coffman said. "She had blisters on her paw pads that had burst and she was not voluntarily drinking water, which is always scary when a dog is that overheated they won't voluntarily drink water,"

Not even two hours after the first dog was rescued, another dog had to be saved from the same parking lot.

We walked around the mall's parking lot with a temperature gun. All of the vehicles we checked registered over 100 degrees, with the car with the highest temperature being 140 degrees. It only took ten minutes for Coffman's SUV to reach 101 degrees inside.

"Do not leave your animals or your children in the car even for five minutes," Coffman said.

If you're ever put in a situation like Ramsey, Kansas law is on your side. If you have to break a window to save a child or pet in a hot, locked car, you can.

You must call 911 first. If you think it's too dangerous to wait for law enforcement to arrive, take pictures or video before you break the window.

The dogs that were rescued are back with their owners. Police issued a citation to the owner of the dog that Ramsey helped save.

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