Goodbye "IHOP", hello "IHOB"

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Big buzz was made today across social media and it all centered around four little letters.

History shows our nation seems to fall for good name change.

For example, the original name for “Google” was “BackRub”. No joke.

“Nike” started as “Blue Ribbon Sports.”  Of course “Prince” went by an unpronounceable symbol and the artist still sold millions of records.

Now “IHOP” is be rebranded as “IHOB”. The company will test the waters with a change that had us all asking, what does the “B “stand for?

"Burgers are a quintessential menu item," says IHOB district manger Chris King.  

Not brunch, not breakfast, not bacon, the “B” stands for burgers.

"It was honestly kind of an effort to keep it on the down low, keep it hush,” adds King.

The name change is all because the restaurant rolling is out several new burgers with made with USDA Choice Black Angus Beef.

Now that the secret is out everyone is chiming in. “Wendy's” and “Whataburger” might have some beef with IHOB. Both of the burger giants took time to take light hearted jabs at the name change on Twitter on Monday.

Many are asking is the name change permanent?

IHOB officials that we spoke to say the answer to that question is being kept secret.

Wichita was the Midwest test market for the burger overhaul. About six months ago “IHOP” found their sample audience right here in Kansas, the positive feedback from our state pushed the project forward.

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