Family thankful to be alive after bullet hit car in shooting near Keeper of the Plains

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A fun night watching the Riverfest finale fireworks took a turn for the worst.

My first instinct was like we got to get outta here,” Jorge Contreras recalled.

The Contreras family is thankful to be alive after a stray bullet hit their car when they were leaving the fireworks show.

"It's just terrifying that, that night could've been my brother's last day,” said Jorge.  

If the bullet would’ve hit a few inches over, it would've struck Jorge's brother Bryan.

"After thinking about that those moments could've been my last, it's just more frightening,” said Bryan.

One hurt in drive-by shooting near the Keeper of the Plains

In the video posted in this story, you can see people lying on the ground and running after shots rang out.

Investigators say a 19-year-old woman on a party bus nearby was shot in the shoulder and taken to the hospital, but she'll survive.

"It's just a reminder that we should just enjoy life while we can cause you never know when it's gonna end,” said Jorge.

The family is now putting their energy into helping each other move on, but their mother Nora is finding it challenging.

"She says that she was really scared and frightened and that she doesn't have a much faith in going and being safe at big community activities,” Bryan said.

It’s a feeling they're trying to help her get past.

Bryan said, "It just makes me feel like if I were to go to more city events to be more cautious.”

"We should have like just like a little more security once events like this happen ‘cause there was a lot of people walking around, still a lot of cars lined up, just for more for safety,” Jorge added. 

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