Private investigator reacts to Emily Glass' apparent suicide

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David Marshburn David Marshburn

David Marshburn wasn't surprised when he woke up to the news of the reported suicide of Emily Glass.

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"I would like to say it's shocking but it's not really that shocking,” Marshburn said.

Marshburn, a North Carolina private investigator hired by the family of Lucas Hernandez, says he warned police that this could happen.

"I told law enforcement that she was suicidal, that I saw a scar on her left wrist, that she had tried to commit suicide before,” Marshburn said.

It was just two weeks ago that Marshburn spent hours driving up and down Harvey County roads with Emily Glass sitting next to him, leading him right to the remains of 5-year-old Lucas.

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"The next thing was, 'What's gonna happen to me? Where am I gonna go? What am I gonna have to do? Am I gonna have a big bond? Am I even gonna have a bond?' It was all about her,” Marshburn said.

And he says he even warned Lucas’s parents, Jonathan Hernandez and Jamie Orr.

"I told Jonathan and Jamie, 'Don't do around her. Stay away from her,' because if she is released that anything that happens to her, because the community is social emotional about it, somebody else could have killed her,” Marshburn said.

Marshburn says while it's disappointing that some details to Lucas’s disappearance may now never be brought to light, he says the system is to blame.

"We need to remember that this all started with the system failing Lucas to start with. We've got Emily that's gone now and Lucas because the system failed Lucas to start with,” Marshburn said.

There have been some concerns over whether Marshburn is licensed to work as a P.I. in Kansas. He says he was working as a consultant for the family when he came to Kansas, not a private investigator.

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