DA: Lucas Hernandez case continues following death of Emily Glass

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District Attorney Marc Bennett gave an update Friday on the Lucas Hernandez case, following the death of Emily Glass.

Glass, who was the main focus in investigation into the death of five-year-old Lucas Hernandez, was found inside her home on east Edgemoor with a gunshot wound early Friday morning from a reported suicide. Police reported that there was a rifle and three separate suicide notes at the scene. The details in those notes have not been released.

Police find rifle, suicide notes in home where Emily Glass died

Many are now wondering what will happen in the investigation into the death of Lucas Hernandez, to which district Attorney Marc Bennett responded.

Team Coverage: Body of Lucas Hernandez found

Bennett says the death of Emily Glass is a new development in the case in the death of Lucas Hernandez but that the investigation will continue.

When addressing the criticism in releasing Glass from jail 72 hours after her arrest, Bennett said it was due to the fact that they "were not in a position to charge Glass at the time." Adding that they "needed more time, these are complicated cases." 

Just within the last 24 hours, law enforcement had received subpoenas and "positive information" in the case. Bennett added that there is still a lot of activity going on behind the scenes in regards to the investigation.

When asked how Glass' death and awaiting results of the autopsy are connected to the overall investigation Bennett simply stated that it is "to be decided."

"We will continue to finish the investigation until there is whatever resolution we can reach. If there's going to be a charge then you'll find out when I file a public complaint against somebody. If it turns out the only charges that would've been filed against Miss Glass who's deceased, I'm not just going to let it lie... obviously there is a public concern."

... When there's a case that's brought attention... when charges aren't going to be filed... I'm not just going to be done with it.

All these cases are difficult. There have been several high profile (cases) in this community in the last several months. Unfortunately this isn't the first,second or third child death I've worked...one isn't any less upsetting than the other. What we're looking for is answers."

District Attorney Marc Bennett

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