Police find rifle, suicide notes in home where Emily Glass died

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Wichita police have confirmed that a woman who led an investigator to the body of her boyfriend's 5-year-old son three months after reporting him missing has been found dead.

Police identified the woman Friday as 27-year-old Emily Glass, who reported Lucas Hernandez missing on Feb. 17. Police say officers found Glass' body at around 1:40 a.m. Friday after Jonathan Hernandez called to report finding a woman dead of a gunshot wound at his home near Kellogg and Edgemoor.

Officer Charley Davidson said Glass' death was reported as a suicide, but an official cause of death will be determined by the coroner's office.

"Officers discovered a rifle near her feet and three suicide notes in the residence," Officer Davidson said, not elaborating on what was said in the notes.

Glass led private investigator David Marshburn to his body under a Harvey County bridge on May 24. Glass was recorded during her interactions with Marshburn saying, "I did Lucas so wrong." 

She was arrested that night for felony obstruction of justice, but was released from jail on May 30. District Attorney Marc Bennett said that day charges had not been filed "while investigators continue to follow up on newly developed leads and await the results of forensic examinations."

Davidson said the investigation into Lucas' death is ongoing.

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A person of interest in the disappearance and death of 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez was found dead overnight, a source tell KAKE News.

Wichita police responded at around 1:40 a.m. Friday to a distress call at the home of Emily Glass in the 600 block of South Edgemoor. Officers say Jonathan Hernandez placed the call after finding a female shooting victim in the home, although police would only confirm that the victim is a white woman.

The source says the woman is 27-year-old Emily Glass and that it is believed to be a suicide. 

Glass, the live-in girlfriend of Jonathan Hernandez, reported Lucas missing on Feb. 17. She led private investigator David Marshburn to his body on May 24. Glass was recorded during her interactions with Marshburn saying, "I did Lucas so wrong." 

She was released from Sedgwick County Jail on May 30 after spending several days in jail as a person of interest in Lucas Hernandez's death.

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No charges yet in death of Lucas Hernandez; Emily Glass released

Marshburn said Friday morning that upon learning Emily Glass was dead, his first thought was that Lucas deserves justice.

"I would like to say it's shocking, but it's not really that shocking," he said. "I told law enforcement she was suicidal and that I saw a scar on her left wrist."

A friend of the family, Shelly Eberhardt, arrived at the scene this morning saying, "She never got to tell her story. Unfortunately, now she never will." 

A spokesperson for Lucas' family release the following statement on behalf of Jamie Taylor-Orr, Lucas' mother:

Today, Emily Glass chose to end her own life.  We are deeply shocked and saddened by this turn of events.  Another mother and father have lost a child.  Children have lost their mother, and a family will have to grieve someone they loved.  We know from experience how heartbreaking and tragic this will be for them.

This is not the ending we would have chosen for Emily.   She was the only person on this earth who could tell us what the last moments of our child’s life were like.  We wanted answers and we still want justice.   Our hope is that the truth will still come out, that there will be answers to the many questions we have.

Please keep Emily’s family in your thoughts and prayers, along with ours.  None of us wanted or expected all this loss and devastation that has come to pass.  Give both of our families’ time to process this unexpected death.


Jamie Taylor-Orr and Jonathan Hernandez

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