'Swatting' incident in Ohio possibly connected to Tyler Barriss

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Tyler Barriss Tyler Barriss

A fake phone call to police led to the death of a Wichita man last December. The man accused of making the call is accused of doing it just weeks before-that time in Ohio.

Back in December, Andrew Finch was shot and killed by a Wichita Officer after investigators say Tyler Barriss called them to his home in what's known as swatting.

Now, for the first time, were getting a glimpse into the phone call that may have started it all. 

December 2017, Cincinnati Ohio. Police swarm a home after someone calls 911. 

Dispatch: "Ok, what exactly happened?"

Caller: "My mom and dad were arguing and it got out of hand, so I just shot him in the head."

That  voice and scenario may sound familiar. Much  like this 911 call to Wichita  a few weeks later. 

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Police say the voice on the other end of both calls is that of  25 year old Tyler Barriss.

Dispatch:" I need you to put the gun down and go to the front door with no weapon.

Caller: "Well, I don't wanna do that if they're gonna be out there."

Those similarities aren't the only things linking the two cases. The home in Ohio that was targeted by that fake call, was a former address of this man, Casey Viner. One of the gamers who has been federally indicted in the Wichita case.  

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Wichita police swarmed the home in South Wichita then shot and killed Andrew Finch after he walked out onto the porch. Finch had nothing to do with the fake call, and was an innocent victim. 

Now the FBI is investigating the swatting cases but haven't announced any charges in the Ohio incident.