Tips on finding a roofing contractor following storm damage

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A recent hail storm  left its mark on many roofs in Southeast Wichita. 

Top Tier Roofing says insurance adjusters will come in after a hail event -- and see just how much damage there is.

"An adjuster would come out and they'll mark a square area and inside that area you have to have a certain number of hits says owner of Top Tier Roofing Will White.

 White says after an event you'll see lots of roofing companies wanting to do business but do your research before choosing one.

"When you look at it and they've changed their name multiple times, If they've only been in business a short time and you haven't seen any reputable work or jobs that they've done" says White.

You might even notice that some of the companies are from out of state. White advises you to be extra cautious with those. Working with local businesses is better especially if you develop problems with the roof. 

While doing your research on companies, under Kansas law a roofing contractor must have a roofing contractor registration certificate from the State Attorney General's office.

So make sure the company is licensed. 

"If someone tries to pressure you into something typically that's not someone that you want to go with. You don't want to make a rushed decision on something like that" says White.

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