Neighbors in West Wichita concerned about crime


A quiet neighborhood on Wichita's West side is now on edge, after becoming the target of thieves.

"When I moved here from Pittsburg, Kansas, I told the realtor I wanted somewhere really safe, because my husband had passed away, and I was alone with kids," said Kathy Mishmash.

When Mishmash moved her family to Wichita four years ago, she wasn't expecting this.

"I mean if you leave it out, it's going to get stolen," Mishmash said.

From bicycles, to lawn chairs, even items out of Mishmash's fenced-in backyard have been stolen.

"Here recently, it's gotten to the point where I have an alarm system on my house now, because when I leave, you know, I want to make sure that my house is safe. If not, the police will be notified," said Mishmash.

A look at the newly-launched Community Crime Map shows a number of thefts and burglaries in the area near Central and Tyler.

Some houses and cars have been hit twice.

That information doesn't come as a surprise to Megan Deitchler.

She's the salon manager at Mary Kate & Co.

She lives and works in West Wichita and is worried that crime is becoming a problem.

"Nothing has ever happened. Our cars have been great, our house has never been messed with at all, we haven't even been TP'd. Recently, I've had a lot of neighbors and a lot of friends within the neighborhood who have had the same experiences, whether it be their house or car."

Deitchler says she and her neighbors are being vigilant so that what has happened to others won't happen to them.