Newton city buildings to be equipped with trauma kits

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Trauma kits to be placed in Newton buildings Trauma kits to be placed in Newton buildings

Newton is outfitting its city buildings with trauma kits in case of a mass shooting event.t.

"We want to be prepared if and when anything comes through our door," assistant HR director, Stacey Lunsford said.

Lunsford says this is in response to what happened inside Excel Industries in February 2016. An employee walked into the building and opened fire. Three people were killed and 14 others were injured. The shooting will stay with the Harvey County community forever.

"I live in Hesston now. So, I mean I see everyday that those people still are a little scared," Lunsford said.

All of the trauma kits are going to be placed in several parts of all of the city buildings so employees can grab them quickly in case of an emergency. They aren't average first aid kits. They're designed to help gunshot victims, complete with tourniquets and dressing to pack wounds.The idea is that the kit can be used in the minutes that matter, before emergency responders arrive.

Michelle Armstrong is the office manager inside the city service building.

"It's scary because 20 years ago we never would've thought we needed something like this at work," Armstrong said. "I think it's giving everyone a peace of mind."

Right now the city has nine kits, but there's a chance more will be provided this way city employees can carry them in work vehicles and have personal kits at their desks.

Lunsford says employees are going to go through mandatory training, called 'Stop the Bleed' where they'll learn how to use what's in the kit.

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