Family pleads for missing Kansas veteran battling PTSD to come home

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A Kansas veteran and mother of two is missing has been missing for a month and her family asking for anyone to come forward with information.

Ashley Meiss recently turned 31 years old, but she didn't spend her birthday with her family and loved ones. May 19 was the last day anyone heard from the former military police officer living in Ogden.

KAKE-TV spoke with Ashley's family earlier this month. They say she went for a run on May 17, a Thursday and didn't come home. She didn't take her phone and left her trusty bulldog behind. 

The following day, Ashley was spotted at the local post office.

"And then she made the phone call on Saturday (May 19) to a friend, and then that is the last time anyone has heard of her," said Ashley’s dad, Tom Lewis.  

That call came from a blocked number. Investigators could not track it.

The mother of two was going through a divorce and as a combat veteran of Iraq, her family says she was suffering from PTSD.

"The longer she is missing, you know, the more likely it is that something may have happened very bad," said Tom.  

Ashley’s dad and other immediate family members live out of state. They recently came to Kansas and conducted a multi-day search around Ogden. Unfortunately, they came up with nothing.

The hours turned into days and now each moment feels like an eternity for Ashley'sfather who just wants to bring his daughter home.

"Ashley, if you are seeing this, your family loves you and you have two beautiful children that need you,” said Ashley’s dad.

The family has a $5,000 reward for anybody that has any information into Ashley’s whereabouts.

If you have any details that can help investigators you are asked to call the Riley County Police Department at (785) 537-2112 or Crime Stoppers (785) 539-7777.