Pratt City commissioners lift pit bull ban

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Sunflower is a pit bull dog currently at the Pratt Area Humane Society. For the first time in a long time Sunflower can now be adopted and live within city limits

April Hemphill, manger of the Pratt Area Humane Society said, “even before it passed we had a lot of residents in Pratt County come in and they said they wish they could have pits here and didn't know about the ban.”

The city's pit bull ban has been lifted and it's now referred to as a dangerous animal ordinance.

Hemphill said, “they will go through and be like is this really a dangerous dog or is it just the circumstances. Once that goes through if it is a dangerous dog you can go to the city and possibly get a permit to keep your dog under certain restrictions.”

Jason Leslie was the only city commissioner against lifting the ban, “I respect what other commissioners and what their decisions, their view points. I was disappointed though.”

He says during his time as a police officer he dealt with lots of aggressive pit bulls, “I saw enough maulings and victims of that to know what can of damage that breed can do. I was attacked personally while on duty that a had effect on my outlook.”

Leslie believes now the area is opening itself up for potential attacks, “it does open the door for more pit bulls coming to the area.”

According to Canine Journal, there are about 4.5 million dog bites a year with chihuahuas being the most common to bite.

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