Hail damage keeps roofing, car repair shops busy

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Dingers Roofing and Construction has had a busy day, from phone calls, emails and personal visits to homes with roof damage after Tuesday’s hail storm.

Luke Robertson with Dingers says, “we're coming across a lot of storm damage, there was a swath that rolled through with a lot of pretty serious hail. The phone has been ringing off the hook”

One home with visited in southeast Wichita has a totaled roof, hail even broke basement window coverings and pierced through the home’s awning.

Robertson said, “today I've already been on 6 roofs and we've got 7 or 8 more to look at just on the docket for today.”

And even if you don't think your roof was damaged Dingers says it’s better to check it out and be safe than sorry. If you don’t check it out you could have water damage in the future.  

He said, “if you live in this area, in this swath that got hit yesterday chances are pretty good, based on the roofs that we've been on today, chances are that you've got a totaled roof.”

From hail damage on home roofs, to hail damage on cars. Many today were having to take their cars in for repair. Which means businesses like the windshield shop will be getting those cars in soon.

Hilario Orozco, the Windshield Shop Manager said, “probably in the next couple of days we'll probably see an influx of cars coming into the shop. Insurance agents, body shops having their glass quoted and installed and repaired for them.”

While the hail caused headaches around Wichita, it means more business for places like Dingers and the Windshield Shop. Orozco said, “weather related incidents always determine how busy we are going to be. We always stay close to the weather and keep an eye on it.”

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