Wins For Kansas: Mental Health Assoc. of Central Kansas

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The Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas has been helping the community for more than 60 years.

Mental illness can take on many forms, and for the families and adults dealing with it, knowing where to turn for help can be difficult. Mary Jones is the President and CEO of The Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas. 

"We're prevention and treatment so some of our services are education and hands-on direct services to kids and families and school systems and the other piece is directly working with people on their mental health issues," said Jones.

Students, adults, young and old are helped through traditional therapy, the latest in modern medicine and  substance treatment. 

"It's really varied, our organization has 32 different programs. Some of those might be working in the schools and teachers to help them identify students who are struggling," Jones said.

MHA's team of doctors, psychiatrist, therapist and host of medical professionals work in clinics and in the community. 

"Prevention is really key for our organization and so we want to find people who are struggling and identify that early and early intervention will lead to the best success."