Sports gambling in KS? Just wait...

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Let’s be honest, it’s taken several decades for sports gambling to shake the “taboo” title.

However, a ruling from The United States Supreme Court this week lifted the federal ban on sports gambling. That means each state can now decided if they want to add that gaming element into their select state.

KAKE-TV wanted to take a deep look at how Kansas could handle legal sports gambling.

The state constitution in Kansas is written in way that if sports gambling came to Kansas all action would be run by lottery officials.

"One of the things I said was all roads lead through Rome, and the Kansas lottery is Rome," said Terry Presta with the Kansas Lottery.

The next hurdle for sports gambling in Kansas would be deciding on where bets are made.

Officials say it all comes down to the wording of the potential policy. Avenues that would be considered would be Kansas casinos, lottery outlets and even digital betting on your favorite mobile device.  

According to the state budget office, Kansas could potentially take in about $70-million in revenue from the new gambling venture.

Lawmakers would hope to use the revenue from sports gambling on economic development and Kansas schools.

But don't get too excited, we won’t hear anything until state legislation is back in session come January 2019.

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