KU cheer team: hellacious hazing allegations

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Hazing has made recent headlines around the University of Kansas, but this time it's not about the fraternities. 

Two former KU cheerleaders spoke to KAKE-TV about past hazing allegations within the cheer team. Out of fear or potential impact of this story they opted not to use their names. 

One girl is a Derby High School graduate. The other girl cheered her way from the Houston suburbs up to Lawrence.

They have traveled two different paths to KU, but these girls will forever be connected by one night of graphic hazing.

For starters these girls say they were told to keep this story quiet, but they did not want to be scared into silence.

The entire incident happened on July 25th, 2017.  The girls tell us they were ordered by alumni and current cheer team members to meet outside Memorial Football Stadium and run the adjacent hill.

“The alumni took our phones from us," said one girl.

"I did not like being blindfolded because they made us like lay on the ground," said the other girl. 

“Once we were blindfolded they took us one by one and put us in the back of cars."

 Despite the blindfold the girls vividly remember the drive, each girl recalls arriving at what they called a random strange house somewhere in Lawrence.

"As soon as they started throwing dirt on us they made us crawl on our hands and knees like dogs into this house."

From that point they got different treatment from alumni and current members on the team. First, one girl says she was stuffed into a washing machine.

"It was a front loader washer, so I could feel it turning and it was still wet."

In another room the other girl had to answer certain questions, each wrong answer meant an article of clothing came off.

"Two alumni guys had walked in and saw us naked sitting on the floor."

They say this all took place one night and it was reported to university officials, the NCAA couldn't do anything about it, we checked.

KU officials confirmed in a statement to KAKE-TV that some hazing incident was reported and handled.

The powers that be put the cheer team on probation up until September 2018.

The girls call the outcome a slap on the wrist.

"I want it to never again happen on the team because I know it's been going on for years."

As each girl moves on from the team they want their story to be one of change in culture.

KAKE-TV called the KU athletic department several times in advance of this story airing to give them ample time to respond and to get their side of the story in an interview.

Obviously, they declined comment.

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