Registering trailers could prevent theft

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Shane Nelson's surveillance cameras caught the moment a thief, in broad daylight, stole his trailer from the front of his house. He said “it was sitting right here. They backed up in the drive and pulled over to it and hooked it up and took off with it.”

Nelson takes home security seriously, he has cameras planted all over his property.

He said, “hooked up right now I got about 16. that one in the corner, this one here and another one there.”

While Nelson was able to give officers detailed photos of the thief, he's not alone. Trailer thefts have become common.

Dale Hutchinson, Trailers N More Owner said, “we've had two trailers come in today that were recovered that were heavily damaged.

Hutchinson says simply getting the title and registering can help prevent thieves from targeting them.

He said, “make sure that you've done your title for it. Put a secondary VIN number on the trailer. Kansas feeds Oklahoma its stolen trailer industry. Oklahoma doesn't require a tag or title or proof of ownership on the trailers.”

Kansas law requires trailers to be titled and registered. There are three exceptions to the trailer titling/registration requirement.The 3 exceptions are: Farm trailers hauling 6,000 lbs. or less are exempt from title and registration. Hauling weight means the weight of any load transported by the farm trailer and does not include the weight of the trailer itself Farm trailers used and designed for transporting hay or forage from a field to a storage area or from a storage area to a feedlot, which is only incidentally moved or operated upon the highways, except this exception does not apply to farm semitrailers; and Non Recreational Vehicle trailers with an operating weight of 2000 , lbs or less may be titled and registered at the owners option, they are not required to be titled and registered. Operating weight means the total weight of the trailer and any load transported thereon. A trailer meeting the 2,000 lbs. exemption may be sold on a bill of sale.

Hutchinson says tagging the trailer helps police recover them quicker.

It's such a problem, Hutchinson says people have started to even put GPS trackers on them. However, a top-of-the-line tracker can cost upwards of $1,000. He said, “it is very effective and it works extremely well. We install a large amount of them. We don’t' talk about what the modules look like or where we put them or how they're installed.”

Because Nelson's trailer wasn't tagged, he's hoping this video can help track down the thief.

He said, “I was irritated. I don't much care for thieves. I never have. I'm irritated. I hope he gets caught.”

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