Community helps homeless veteran reunite with son after 15 years

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Former veteran Keith Baker plans on moving in with his son, who he hasn't seen for more than 15 years.

"I'm going to Albany, NY. I'm gonna go move in with my son" says Baker.  "We just kind of lost touch. And I couldn't find him on Facebook or anything." 

It was just recently that Baker's home was the streets and after a recent accident that broke his back, he found his way to Passageways, a group that helps homeless veterans.

 "Of course, he was homeless and you could almost tell there was something else pulling him in another direction," Passageways CEO, Jennifer Garrison said.

That direction was to the family he'd lost touch with and Passageways knew what it had to do. 

Passageways stepped in to reunite the father and son. 

"We are doing the fastest fundraiser ever for $290 to get him there. That's a one-way ticket," Garrison said in a Facebook live post.

In just 13 minutes, the group had raised enough money to buy Baker that one way ticket. 

"He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't believe that people would want to support him" Garrison said.

Like so many here before, Baker came looking for a place to stay, but found something much more.  

"God bless everyone here. Thank you for your thoughts," Baker says.

Garrison also had reasons to thank Baker. "How about 'thank you for everything you did for us?" she says.

"You served. You served for our country."

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