Arrests in Kansas baby's death could take weeks

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Jesslinn Hulett Jesslinn Hulett

More than a month after Jesslinn Hulett died at a Wichita hospital, the 7-month-old's family is still looking for answers. 

"Why they're trying to think it was still an accident, I can't imagine," a relative said. "When I saw the CTs, the cracks in her skull, the hemorrhaged eyes. I'd seen all that in the hospital. I knew right then it was a homicide."

The baby's father took her to a local hospital on Easter Sunday, April 1, after she quit breathing, authorities say. She was later taken to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, where she died April 5.

The baby was in the care of her mother who lives in Oxford, which is east of Wellington.

Other family members tell KAKE News that a complaint had been filed with the Kansas Department for Children and Families last fall, after the baby's father was allegedly seen grabbing and pushing one of the family's other kids at a football game. 

We learned that DCF investigated, but it was eventually dropped. 

Jesslinn's parents wouldn't go on camera, and their attorney had no comment. But DCF has removed the children from the home. 

We contacted DCF about any other complaints made against Jesslinn's mother and father, but the agency hasn't responded. 

The baby's death comes weeks after the agency's secretary said it needs to do better but needs more money to do it. 

"We can't do the number of investigations or interventions we need to with families without additional staff, said DCF Secretary Gina Mier-Hummer.

DCF has been at the center of several recent child deaths. 

Police believe 3-year-old Evan Brewer was killed by his parents despite relatives' repeated calls to the welfare agency.

And just last week, another baby, Anthony Bunn, was killed under similar circumstances. 

Jesslinn's family thinks that had the family been investigated more thoroughly, maybe the outcome would have been different. 

"Nobody's paid for this, and that's all I want. I want somebody to pay for killing my grandchild."

The Sumner County attorney says his office is waiting on lab results from the KBI and arrests are not expected for another three weeks.

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