Company makes protective backpack

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KAKE-TV got a sneak peak of a product pushed as the shield your student can shoulder.

This line of defense kids can wear on their back comes as part of our weeklong "caught in the crossfire" series.

You know the typical checklist you go over before sending your kids to school: you got your books? Do you have your lunch and homework?

For a moment, dig a little deeper.

We live in a world where parents have to ask, is my kid going to be safe at school today?

One local company is trying to provide peace of mind with a piece of everyday outerwear.

Dan Drake knows he can't change the mass-school shootings around the nation that have taken young lives before they’ve had a chance to truly grow..

However, the owner of MoJack Distributors in Wichita can see the future backpacks.

The team at MoJack has developed a bullet stopping backpack, this personal packed forcefield is flexible thanks layers of a patented synthetic fiber.

Drake says the fiber helps make the bullet defense backpack weigh roughly two or three pounds.

"That is the turning point, because you can't put 15 pounds of protective material on a 40-pound kid," added Drake. 

Before the packs come to the classroom they have to hit market, Drake and his crew will spend the next couple of months selling big box giants on the carry anywhere body armor. 

But this story isn't about dollar signs. This is about the split-second difference between being another statistic of a mass school shooting or being saved with a story of survival.

The protection packs look to sell for right around $250, the plan is to get the backpacks into major retailers for the start of the 2019 school year.

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