West 85th street construction started in Valley Center

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A construction project that has been in the works since 2014 finally broke ground just this week in Valley Center. Once completed, residents will have a safer way to connect to the interstate.

West 85th street connects valley center to interstate 135. The project is a major undertaking and will involve completely reconstructing the pavement to widen the road and add a middle turn lane. When it's done, some drivers think it will be a huge improvement. 

"It's kind of a dangerous road, it's got a lot of hills on it, and at night it's really hard to see.  It'll be nice to have it wide, nice to have it paved."  says driver Susan Tigard.

Others think it's unnecessary. "I'll tell you what, when this is done, if they make a three lane road like they're talking about, put a turn lane out through here, it won't be any better than it is right now" says Doug Moler.

The project will also involve lowering the profile of the hills in the area to increase driver visibility and make it a safer stretch.

Construction of the new road officially began on May 7th.

That's when crews closed west 85th street. Traffic is being detoured to west 77th street. 
but by june they plan on reopening the west bound lanes for the remainder of the project.

Some drivers are frustrated by the hassle the project will cause. 

"It's always nice to have a nice wide road, but the way they're doing it is going to inconvenience people for a good long time" says Moler.

Others don't mind the inconvenience and are looking forward to the improvements. 

"In the long run... I think it will be worth it" says Tigard.

The project is set to be completed in September of 2018.