Sedgwick County Jail in need of new guards

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Capt. Jared Schechter has been with the Sedgwick County Jail for nearly 20 years now. And he says he can’t remember a time when the jail was fully staffed.

“It makes it difficult because this never stops. The Sheriff can’t put out the sign and say ‘Hey, we’re not staffed today,” Schechter.

For years the lockup has been operating with a shortage of guards. This month alone the jail is 40 deputies down. On a typical day, there should be 60 guards on duty. 

“Don’t always hit that number. With overtime, we make a lot of that up with overtime,” Schechter.

The Sheriff’s Office is desperately searching for help. The number of inmates locked up continues to grow. Without more jailers, these deputies may get burned out.

Schechter says the job can be challenging at times, but also rewarding.

“Every day it’s gonna be a different group of people you’re dealing with. Different problems. Different situations. You get to respond to emergencies in here and deal with emergencies,” Schechter.

Schechter thinks there may be a reason for the shortage.

“I think part of that is a general very negative perception about law enforcement right now. We see a lot of people choosing to not go into that line of work because of some of the perceptions and statements made,” Schechter.

Schechter says the job is a foot in the door to working in law enforcement.

“They’re very marketable to other agencies because they’re able to see a background for a law enforcement agency. They get to see their work ethic. They get to see what they do,” Schechter.

If you're interested in becoming a Sedgwick County Detention Deputy you can apply online.

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