Rep. Jim Ward drops out of gubernatorial race

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Wichita state representative Jim Ward has suspended his campaign for Governor.  

In a statement,  Ward said he has also filed for re-election in the 86th District.  

Since announcing my run for governor in August, you have been dedicated champions for me and my vision for a better Kansas. It’s been a wonderful journey getting out across the state and interacting with each of you, listening to your ideas, sharing stories about our love for the state, and committing to ways we can use our energy to grow the economy and give all Kansans a fair shot at the American dream. 

That’s what makes today bittersweet. 

I have decided to suspend my campaign for governor and file for re-election to the Kansas House of Representatives from District 86. As the Democratic leader of the Kansas House, I know how critical it is that we have Democratic voices representing Kansans. This past session demonstrated that if we want good jobs, strong schools, affordable healthcare, non-discriminatory policies for our LGBTQ friends, and protections for working Kansas, it takes more of our votes. 

My voice is not leaving Kansas politics. Our energy is not dissipating. 

I look forward to continuing to work with each of you. While I won’t be asking for your vote for governor, I will continue to ask for your support, input, and participation in our democracy. We have dozens of House campaigns we welcome your help on. There are talented men and women running for office, and we must support them. I hope you’ll join me in elevating their efforts. 

And for those of you who have considered a run for office yourself, there’s still time to file! 

Together we can, and will, continue to move our great state forward. The stakes in Kansas are simply too high to give up the fight. 

Ward was one of four democrats in the race, along with  Carl Brewer,  Laura Kelly and Josh Svaty. 

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