Horse rescues worry about hay shortage

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Feeding horses with grain instead of hay may be the new normal as the drought persists.

“Not only is it bad for us, it’s bad for the horse owners and rescues in the area, too,” said Andy Armstrong, with Hope In The Valley Equine Rescue in Valley Center.

She said they have been desperate for hay, volunteers made a desperate appeal on Facebook asking for help.

Armstrong’s operation has been running for 13 years and she considers this drought to be just as crippling as the drought in 2012.

“If we have to, we may turn our horses out to the fields for a couple hours a day,” she said, adding that feeding them grain may be an alternative, albeit expensive.

Normally shed have lines of hay bails that would last them months. They figure these rows may last them another couple of weeks.

This problems isn’t unique to her rescue, organizations across the state along with Missouri and Colorado are all reporting the same problem, blaming extreme droughts for the severe lack of hay.

Armstrong said even with more rain in the forecast, this is still a problem that will last for weeks.

“If we can’t feed them and take care of them, we won’t be able to exist. We can’t do what we’re doing,” she said. “They don’t have any hay, there just isn’t any hay.”

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