Wins for Kansas: Bike Walk Wichita

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This week's "Wins for Kansas" is Bike Walk Wichita, a nonprofit group that is hoping the transform the city into a bike-friendly town.

"I think Wichita is becoming a much more friendly space and its great to see our city transforming," said Executive Director, Kim Neufeld. 

Every time you hop on a bike path or see a new crosswalk there is a good chance the group helped plan or lobby for the new addition. Working with city leaders more than a half dozen miles of new bike paths and lanes have been built.

Neufeld says, "Cities are finding that younger generations and aging generations want to stay active. They want to get out they don't want to have to drive across Kellogg to get to work."

They also hold a number of events throughout the year to promote and reinforce safety.

Our partners, DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers, have selected, Bike Walk Wichita with a $500 dollar donation to help them in their ongoing efforts.