Wins for Kansas: Kansas Global Trade Services

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This week's "Wins for Kansas" winner is Kansas Global Trade Services. It's a private organization dedicated to building international growth and commerce for Kansas companies.

Marketing Manager, Holli Schletzbaum says, "For some companies, they may not have the staffing or the know-how to expand into those international markets."

By helping them to take the next step, Kansas Global Trade is helping to secure jobs and revenues that benefit the state.

Since 1994, Kansas Global’s education, communication, and research services have helped members generate more than $165 million in international sales, plus projected sales of over $13 billion.

Schletzbaum says, "In the end, it can be really beneficial for the company to help them grow and stay stronger."

Devaughn James injury lawyers and KAKE TV are honoring Kansas Global Trade with a $500 dollar check.  The money will go towards the group's college intern scholarship program.