USPS mail carrier caught throwing package in Derby

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DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) -

Derby resident, Josh Gray, was not happy when he recently checked his home surveillance cameras. He caught something he wasn't expecting.

“Basically, walked up to the steps and threw it onto the porch,” Gray said.

You can see on this video a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier tossing Gray’s package onto the porch and walking away.

“To me it just seemed like laziness.” “It’s not snowy. It’s not icy like it has been over the winter. My steps are perfectly fine. You can see them. Not slippery,” Gray said.

You don't have to go far to see other examples.

In fact, we found several examples right here in Wichita.

There's even a website dedicated to lazy mail carriers. 

Cheri Porter who lives down the street from Gray, was also surprised.

“Well I’d be disappointed that they’re throwing things that could be breakable or fragile and if you have to return, sometimes you have to pay for the return. It’s not free shipping. So, you’re gonna be stuck with that cost if you have to return it. So, I mean, everybody has to do their job and do it the right way,” Porter said.

We contacted the post office to find out if tossing packages on doorsteps, is standard operating procedure.

It sent us this statement saying, “Our carriers are trained to deliver packages in a responsible, efficient manner. We are investigating the actions of our employees. The vast majority of the nearly 200,000 individual addresses in Wichita served by 450 delivery employees continue to receive excellent service.  Local management encourages any customer with a service or delivery concern to call 800.ASK.USPS so we can closely monitor the specific concerns and follow up with customers individually.”

Gray says he doesn’t want to see anyone get fired over the incident but he does think the mail carrier should be held accountable.

“Just know that there’s a lot more people out here with cameras who are not going to stand for that,” Gray said.

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