Renovations not complete in time for League 42

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If you build it they will come – unless it doesn’t get it done on time. And League 42 was forced to make new plans when the construction project at McAdams Park didn’t get done in time. It’s running about a week behind schedule.

“We’d hoped they would be, but you get springtime weather in Kansas and you can’t ever be sure,” said Bob Lutz with League 42. “We’ve had some really windy days, some really cold days.”

League 42 leaders insist, though, the wait will be worth it. The city committed $1.1 million to restoring and building ball fields at McAdams Park. New fields, dugouts and fences were all built in the area for the 575-child league, which has had a big impact on the community in the past five years in helping the community’s youth.

“We make it affordable to our families to play baseball,” he said. “That’s our mission.”

League 42 started, in the words of Lutz, with a Facebook post and a five-person meeting. He thanks the community for the growth that’s happened so far.

Some of the improvements were a bit controversial, with some neighbors in the area hoping the McAdams pool would be re-opened instead. But the city said it’s decision to close was final and left the money committed instead.

While the baseball fields were expected to be done by the first game Monday night, Lutz insists one more week is worth the wait.

“McAdams Park is a fantastic place and now we have this facility,” he said.

The first week of Monarch and Dodger Division games will be held at Linwood Park instead. Opening night ceremonies will be held on April 23 at McAdams Park.

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