Postal carriers raise awareness of responsible pet ownership

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This week, thousands of flyers will be delivered to residents in Wichita to remind them of responsible pet ownership.

It is an effort that aims to reduce the number of dog attacks on mail carriers, and a collaboration between the US Postal Service, Wichita Police, and Animal Services.

Since October 2017, seven mail carriers have been injured by dogs in Wichita. There were 18 injuries the previous year.

"Seven is still too many, but it's a lot better than the 25-30 we were seeing just five years ago. So, the numbers are decreasing with our efforts of bringing awareness to the community. I think it's a good partnership," said Ryon Knopik, postmaster.

The US Postal Service has paid for and will deliver 191,000 flyers on Monday and Tuesday.

Mail carriers like Craig De Lashmit, who has been attacked and bitten by dogs, hopes the flyers will educate pet owners and reduce the number of incidents.

"All our hope is zero. We can have one less thing to worry about while we're walking down the street. It'd be very nice," said De Lashmit.

To learn more about the city ordinances regarding animals, click here.

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