Wichita man's cars burglarized multiple times within a year

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Chance Rasler is no stranger to burglaries.

It’s the reason he's installed surveillance cameras around his home near Pawnee and Seneca.

And the cameras did their job by catching a thief in action.

“I went back and looked at my camera footage and I saw that a guy had showed up about 12 minutes after we got home and had ransacked this Tahoe and the Dakota as well,” Rasler said.

Rasler said he thinks it's possible this person watched him return home.

He'd been inside for just a little bit when his cars were broken into.

“I don’t know is he knew my routine. If he knew I had just gotten home and my car wasn’t locked or what the case was, but he knew what he was doing,” Rasler said. 

This isn't the first time this has happened.

Rasler said someone stole his father's pickup outside of his house in August.

“I think there were at least ten separate parties in the neighborhood that were hit. They slashed tires. They broke windows. They stole a lot of belongings and then they ended here at my house. They stole the truck and took off,” Rasler said.

And another theft happened in November. You can see in the video a man riding a bicycle to the front of Rasler’s home, carrying tools to his truck and stealing his license plate.

“You feel like you’re in control of your life until something like this happens and then you don’t know what to think. My 5-year-old, he’s asking me every day if someone's going to come back and rob one of our vehicles,” Rasler said.

Rasler hopes thieves will stop targeting his home and neighborhood.

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