Wichitans prepare for rollercoaster weather

Wichita temperatures topped 80 degrees Friday, and Saturday, we'll be lucky to rise above the thirties.

Couple that with the strong winds, and people aren't sure what to expect.

At the ICT Pop-Up Park, visitors took advantage of the still-warm weather Friday evening.

"When we got here, it was busy, everybody was around. It seemed like it was a hustle and bustle down here. We ended up selling out early. Had to be because everybody's trying to enjoy this weather before it gets real cold," said Shea West.

"I just think it's crazy how we go from 80 to 30 in two days. But I got--I got my handwarmers," said Nelson Franklin.

Rachel Dworak, Natalia Lozano and Alexia Briggs tried to take pictures in the park, but the wind didn't cooperate.

"We're getting good pictures, but the wind's blowing our hair in our faces," said Lozano.

 "Well, I mean it's Kansas," added Briggs.

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