Syrian native hopes for longer strategy as U.S. launches strike

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For the people who live under the Syrian regime, life has been a nightmare for years. That’s according to relatives who live in other countries. One man, originally from Syria, still communicates with his family there while living in Wichita.

Several thousand people have died, innocent people have died.  We need a comprehensive plan to make sure this criminal regime stops,” said Nazir Jesri, a Wichita resident with relatives still in Syria.

He offered his views just after the strike was announced. Jesri has been able to stay in regular contact with his relatives overseas. He was born in Syria, but came to the United States three decades ago. While he waits for word on his relatives, he pointed out that in the past seven years he’s lost nearly a dozen family and friends to chemical attacks.

And he blames Bashar Al Assad directly.

“It’s one step towards getting rid of the regime itself,” he said.

Last year, he said he supported a military strike, and he does again now after the chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of people last weekend.

“The population of Syria was 23 million people, right now 12 million people are displaced. They lost everything,” he said. “There are people dying every day. It’s just a killing machine.”

He said he would pray for all of the people still in the country, hopeful the warzone they live in will start to improve.  

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