Windy conditions unfavorable for runners at WSU track and field event


Windy conditions were less than ideal for track and field athletes competing at Wichita State's K.T. Woodman Classic.

"It's definitely a challenge," said Jackson Heights High School runner Faith Little. "It tests your will to win." 

But runners like Little practice different techniques to battle the wind before meets. 

"Quick arms 'cause our arms are gonna be able to carry us through when our legs are tired, and also just quick turnover with our feet and just keeping your chin down and your eyes up, also just breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth," Little explained. 

And although running in the wind isn't favorable, distance runner Aubry Donley says one thing is comforting.

"It's definitely difficult since I do the 400-meter and the 800-meter because I end up having to go against it eventually, but I just remember that everyone else is going against it also," said Donley.

Sprinter Elise Kaiser puts her focus into one area, her running form. 

"When I get to the 200 and the 300 mark to really drag my knees and use big arm action," Kaiser stated. 

Despite the troubles wind brings, there are some benefits.

"It's really good for training, especially when it's not windy and you're running for state and it's a really nice day out there," said Hesston High School's Johnny Yang. "You have a lot of benefits from upper body strength to lower core body, so it really helps out."

The event ends Saturday and is free for all kids three and under.