Walmart donates security cameras to Evergreen Park

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A local community officer is thanking Walmart after they made a donation that helped increase security at Evergreen Park.

"We have some really low light sensors here, but I'd like to get some placed on both corners."  says officer Carlos Atondo. Antodo strolls the grounds of Evergreen City Hall, making sure it's a safe place.

Antondo says that even with security cameras and officers guarding the area, the park is not immune to crime. "We get some graffiti and we get some cars racing around in the parking lot and that's not what we want because those things can lead to bigger things" says Antondo.

Antondo decided to reach out to Walmart for help and they delivered. "I believe they donated 4 additional cameras with monitors and at least 10 additional light sensors." 

City council woman Cindy Claycomb, who represents the Evergreen neighborhood applauded Antondo for his efforts to make the area safer.

"He really cares about what's going on there so that really makes a difference. Because he cares he wants to help us fix the problems." Claycomb says.

Now the park will not only have increased security, but both Claycomb and Antondo say the park will make people feel safer. 

"We want it safer for everybody we don't want people afraid to come here at night." 

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