Wichita Animal Control responds to nearly 18,000 calls

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The Wichita Animal Control department responded to 17,831 field calls in 2017.

"My typical day is really running from call to call to call. We are extremely busy," said Officer Carrie Miller, who was the only officer on duty for today's 10-hour long dayside shift.

On any given day, there are between one and three officers responding to Wichita Animal Control calls for the entire city.

"I don't think one is enough. It's too much work for them, for one person," said Sukie Rangel, who called for help. 

Rangel called after two Huskies roamed into her backyard this morning.

"I feel blessed that she came right away 'cause sometimes I have called, like before, years ago, they took all day. So, it was nice of her to take me first," said Rangel.

Of the nearly 18,000 calls that officers responded to last year, a majority of them were for neglect and abuse cases. 

"I really wanted to be an advocate for animals that didn't have a voice. I think the link between animal violence and human violence is something that's very real," said Miller.

Last week, Miller responded to a call of an injured animal. She found a victim of dog fighting with broken legs that had been left behind on a dirt road in north Wichita. The rescue that adopted the dog decided to name the dog after Officer Miller.

"There are numerous heartbreaking cases that we have to work and experience," said Miller.

She says the community is just as important in helping animals.

"The rescues do a great job at helping us. The public does a great job at keeping their eyes and ears open for us. So, continue to give us a call," said Miller.

The Wichita Animal Control building is located by K-96 and Hillside. They can be reached at (316) 350-3360. 

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