WSU adding 30 new security cameras

FILE - Wichita State University FILE - Wichita State University

In the coming weeks, Wichita State University will be equipped with dozens of new cameras that can see in all directions.

They'll be attached to the emergency call boxes around campus.

"I think it will make a difference,” said student Jennifer Mayen. “Hopefully, it's gonna be a little bit safer, especially during night classes. Sometimes the lights don't come on in time and having those cameras there will hopefully make a difference."

Student's like Mayen say the cameras give them hope for an even safer campus, something that would ease any parent's mind.

"I'm not from Wichita,” said Lauren Barker. “When I first moved here my mom was all about security and stuff so the poles helped already, so the cameras will definitely help even more.”

The 360 cameras cost around $3,000 each. They're funded by the university and student government association. It’s money students feel is well spent.

"I think it's a good use of the money,” said Mayen. “Safety should be a top priority at the school.”

Wichita State Police Captain Corey Herl says they start recording when motion is detected but won't be monitored around the clock. Dispatch will be able to view the cameras live on an incident basis.

"They're gonna have a watchful eye over everything,” said Colton Watters. “If you're always on camera, you're not gonna have an opportunity to do anything wrong, or you're not gonna want them to see because they can see that and they'll know exactly what you did." 

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