3 tax scams target Kansans this year

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Whether you’ve filed taxes or are looking to finish them up, there a several scams you should know about.

The Kansas Department of Revenue shares the top scams affecting Kansans this year.


Fraudulent phone calls are a common scam people will see this time of year. A scammer calls and tells you that you'll be sued or arrested unless you pay for your taxes. Often, they'll ask for your banking or credit card information. Sometimes they may ask to verify information on your return. These are scams. Never give out any of this info on the phone. If you do get a call or message from a scammer, do not give them money or your information. Hang up on them and call the Kansas Department of Revenue or 911 immediately.


Similar to the fake phone calls, some people may get mail seeking personal information. The state says there are a few red flags to know about with these letters:

• Colored paper. Many fake letters are being printed in colored paper, but the department's standard letters are on white paper.

• No logo or phone number. Letters will always have the department’s logo and phone number. Fake letters may not.

• Fine print. No official letters have fine print, but scammers may print a disclaimer at the bottom, stating the mail is not affiliated with a government agency.


E-mail scams are also popping up this time of year. Often, the e-mail will ask you confirm information by clicking on a link. It may then ask for personal information or stating that you have a tax debt from a return, inheritance or lottery and provides a number to call.

Some businesses are also getting solicited for information via e-mail. Scammers try to get payroll or human resources to share W-2 or other personal information for all employees.


If you ever owe money to the state, the Kansas Department of Revenue will send you a bill and may contact you by phone, in person or by a recorded message. Just keep in mind that the department will ask you provide payment or personal information on the phone. However, the department will not ask you to put money on a cash card or ask for your bank account information. Also, the department will not threaten to arrest you.


If you have questions or are worried about a scam, contact the Kansas Department of Revenue immediately. Here’s how you can do so:

• The main tax customer service phone line (pre-collections) is (785) 368-8222.

• The main collections phone number is (785) 296-6121.

• The phone number for tax liens, garnishments, bankruptcy, law firm collections is (785) 296-6124, listen for the corresponding extension number.

You can also find more information on their website here.

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