Specialty bread crafted in Wichita for Easter holiday

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Great Harvest Bread Company in east Wichita is baking a special creation out of dough.

Called Honey Bunnies, the four-hour process of making simple ingredients into dough and then shaping it into the resemblance of a bunny, the food creature sells out every year.

“The bunny itself, takes about two or three minutes but the whole dough itself takes four hours from start to finish,” said baker Elizabeth Loeffler. “The Honey Bunnies are the real popular item this season.”

There is enough bread in the Honey Bunny to equate to around 12 dinner rolls and cost around $13.00 a loaf. People wanting to buy one are asked to call ahead because they are so popular and supplies sell fast.

The bread is far from simple to make. There are over a dozen steps to assemble the dough into the shape of a rabbit. 

“We made about five or six really ugly bunnies before we really caught on,” Loeffler said. “Practice makes perfect.”

Great Harvest Bread Company makes specialty breads for other occasions, like bread loafs in the shape of turkeys during Thanksgiving.

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