Lucas Hernandez search group comb Wichita parks on Sunday

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Lucas Hernandez Lucas Hernandez

Working with both sight and canine sense of smell, a group of volunteers are not giving up on finding Lucas Hernandez.

"Our motivation is that we do not want Lucas to be forgotten about,” search organizer, Julia LaForce said.

Volunteers brought in cadaver dogs to assist in the search near 37th and Oliver. Cadaver dogs are trained to follow the scent of human remains.

The dogs used clothing provided by Lucas’s family to track his scent.

Another volunteer brought a handmade drone, with a GoPro attached to it, in hopes of spotting something suspicious from the sky.

"It just gives you a different vantage point. It's not the end all be all of the search and rescue but it will just give you a different angle of perspective,” drone operator, Sean Jones said.

This same group has utilized social media to organize numerous public searches over the past few weeks. Each time combing a different Wichita park.

"I think we draw the strength from each other and seeing that dog running around, we're all kind of amped up hoping that we're gonna find something. We're gonna find him or at least something that's gonna point us in the right direction,” LaForce said.

And with each search, they feel that much closer to bringing Lucas home.

"He has become Wichita's son and we've got to bring him home so anybody that is willing to help, no matter how small or big it is, we welcome it,” LaForce said.

KAKE News has learned EquuSearch will be back in Wichita on Monday to search again.

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