New cell tower proposed in Riverside

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The corner of 13th and Bitting in Wichita’s Riverside district could be the location for the newest T-Mobile cell phone tower.

The land is currently owned by a developer who at one point, tried to turn the land into a senior living complex, but scrapped it.

The proposed tower would stand 100 feet tall, and some residents in the Riverside area do not want to see it.

“Many people don’t like it because it’s an eyesore in the community,” said Riverside resident Amanda Braden. “I would like to say it is more than several people, its about 100 people who are concerned about this.”

Braden says that the tower would take away the appeal of Riverside.

The Wichita Metropolitan Area Planning Commission heard much debate on the tower on Thursday at their meeting.

Several residents spoke out against the tower being installed.

“Riverside serves everyone,” Mike Wilson shared at the meeting. “I hope that you people do right by the next generation, as our parents did for us when it came to persevering that area, in the middle of our city, and holding it with some sort of sanctity instead of letting every opportunist or someone else who found themselves in a difficult real estate deal compromise our community.”

Greg Farris of APC Towers and in other ways representing T-Mobile says that the tower would not be very noticeable.

“There has never been a wireless carrier that built a site, they did need,” Farris said. “These things cost 200,000 to 400,000 dollars….they do not put these where they do not need them.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission approved the motion for the application to install a cell phone tower 10-1. The application now goes to the Wichita City Council for further consideration

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