Harvey County couple sentenced for abusing their children

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An emotional scene in a Harvey County courtroom, as a woman confronted her abusive adoptive parents. 

Last year, James and Paige Nachitgal pled guilty to abusing their three adopted children from Peru. On Thursday, they learned their punishment.

The North Newton parents, will each serve 32 months in prison for abusing their children

Adoptive parents plead guilty in Kansas child abuse case

Police began an investigation of the Nachtigals after their 11-year-old son was found walking barefoot in a field in February 2016, trying to run away from his adoptive parents.

Both parents spoke out about the allegations.

Paige Nachtigal said, "I was not prepared for children to steal from me, lie to me, to urinate and defecate on furniture."

North Newton Police Chief Randy Jordan gave an emotional testimony, describing his observations on the conditions of children.

"She described getting hit by a cane on the legs by Jim if they didn't do their exercises right," Jordan told the court.

The state also brought in a child abuse expert to testify on injuries the children had, which included broken bones and severe malnourishment. 

State prosecutors hoped for a longer prison sentence, but say they're happy the Nachtigals will serve time. 

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