Rashard Kelly does the dirty work

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There's more to the game of basketball than just putting the ball in the bucket. Hustle, effort, doing things others won't - for Wichita State, Rashard Kelly is the go-to guy for all those traits.

 "I've always had that junkyard dog objective about me," Kelly said. "That's how I was raised and what I had to go through just to get here to get this opportunity."

Kelly has never missed a practice or a game in his four years as a Shocker, no small feat for a college athlete. In fact, out of all the Shockers that have walked onto the court at the Roundhouse, only five have played their entire four year career without missing a game. 

"You know, you can't just wake up and say, 'Hey I'm going to be this person,'" Kelly added. "You've got to train your mind and your body to do it everyday."

So, whether it's off the court or on it, that's exactly what Rashard Kelly does.

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