Heavy wind gusts create problems for truck drivers

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At a truck stop just outside of Hutchinson, truck drivers were parked for a very good reason.

Heavy wind gusts can spell disaster for truck drivers.

"We're empty right now and it lifted the back end of the trailer completely off the pavement,” truck driver, Michaela Walker said.

Winds reached more than 65 miles per hour in some parts of the state. Some 18 wheelers overturned and blocked roadways for hours.

"It's terrible. You can look down the side of your trailer and it's running way off to the right or way off to the left. Whichever way the wind is blowing from. It's not pleasant,” trucker, Bill Montague said.

The winds were so strong, it bent road signs. Driver Christian Ware said it's been a slow haul.

"On the way here, we did about 500 miles and it's been windy the entire time and we're about 110 miles from where we should be right now, but we're stopping. We're not going anywhere. It's too much,” Ware said.

And it's not just truck drivers. Some motorists think using trucks as a shield to block the wind is a good idea, but troopers warn against it.

"Don't hang out around semi-trucks. If they're trying to pass you and are having trouble getting around you, slow down and let them get around you so they're not beside you for several miles,” KHP Trooper Tod Hileman said.

And truckers agree.

"Most cars like to drive alongside us so we can protect them from the wind but we try to get away from yall,” Ware said.

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